Youth soccer leagues -- yay or nay?

On the "spring break" episode, June (who coaches her son's pee wee soccer team) says she was reading the league's manual on how to be a coach and started sobbing because it was so beautiful. Talked about how the point of kids soccer is to foster their innate sense of competition (doesn't need to be taught or emphasized by the adults, kids want to win, and don't have baggage around it, so don't add baggage around it). Focus on instead, progress and play. Encourage mistakes and the kids doing their personal best. I love it. Oh, and every kid gets equal playing time

Plus, no one is growing up to be professional soccer player, so like, really, do not worry about it.

I have mixed feelings looking back on my own youth soccer. I didn't LOVE it (I did love basketball and tennis) and did feel pressure to be the best. Started joining Travel leagues in elementary school and I do remember stressing about playing time, positions, and winning. And tryouts! Those were a mindfuck.

I also remember my parents complaining about the practice and game locations, so it's like, what were we doing this for? I think it was because it was What You Did as a kid. Everyone played soccer.

Interested in others' experience with youth soccer and/or if you know anything about what it's like now, in 2022. In June's case, sounds like it's evolved a lot since the '90s!