The war between millennials and Gen z does not exist

Maybe it’s because I’m considered a young millennial since I am in my late 20s, I am not that far away from GenZ who is in there early and mid-20s, but I think the media in general makes a huge deal about millennials versus GenZ when I could not give a single F about what literally anything that Gen Z is doing. The whole middle part thing, the whole fashion thing, anything that people say that GenZ has deemed uncool — me nor any of my friends get up in arms or offended by it I truly think it has to be the elder millennials who care about what Gen Z is doing because personally me and the people that I know both in real life and on the Internet are actually too sucked up in our own lives to care about what Genz has deemed cool and uncool.

Do you know who millennials are affected by though? Boomers and Gen X considering they are the people who have the most to say about social issues and political issues and the things that matter. They are the ones affecting our healthcare our ability to vote and the things that we can teach in our schools. All the millennials that I know are fine with letting Genz been be GenZ but we do have beef with the older generation because they are the ones who are actually affecting our lives.

When someone from Genz decides to say things like this musician isn’t cool anymore or this trend isn’t cool anymore it really doesn’t affect me as much as the media makes it seem like it does I just figure that we like what we like and we don’t like what we don’t like. It’s just an observation that I’ve been making for quite some time now. Or, maybe there are millennials who care about what Genz is doing and I’m just too selfish and self oriented to join that group but I personally don’t see it.