Should we really trust iCloud??

Hey Community fam,

I'll just get straight to it... I do not trust iCloud. I have seen to many occurences where nudes and text messages are leaked and it freaks me the hell out if I'm being honest. I honestly would rather store my data on a usb drive at this point because I can't risk all of my memes being exposed and out there for the world to see. I have some pretty weird memes that only I, and a few of my friends would understand. I hate that we live in a world where our most personal details are at risk of being exposed. With that being said, iCloud needs to do a better job with protecting all of our stuff... ESPECIALLY since we pay all this money for our iPhone's and that extra storage space that Apple keeps harassing us to buy. I hate it here but I also can't go back to Android because... I just can't.