What's going on with Wordle?

You know the game, you love the game. Or, I should say, you USED to love the game. It came in like a lion and now it's out like a lamb, Anecdotally, my friends/family and I used to play and share our scores every day for a good 3-4 week run, then, we just all fell off. The novelty wore off, and yes, I agree with the speculation that after the New York Times acquired the game, it did become more difficult. That, or it lost its inexplicable homey feel. It felt good supporting some random person's product that he built for his girlfriend. Felt small-town. Not so much anymore, which is ridiculous! Barely anything has changed! (Except for the creator's bank account; I'm so happy for him.)

So, before I get to my point (what's a 5-letter word for "bear with me" .... ENDURE) I'd like to share a fun fact.

According to WordTips (no idea what that is, so, grain of salt) the top three cities with best Wordle scores are:

#3 - Ann Arbor, Michigan (solved in an average of 3.59 guesses)

#2 - St Paul, Minnesota (3.56)

#1 - Reading, Pennsylvania (3.51)

Shout out to those three cities of smarties!

Ok, my POINT is that ... does anyone really play that much anymore? I'm curious if this was a fast burn for everyone's peer group, or just mine. What do you think made you stop or slow down??