Brooklyn through a Floridians eyes part one - The Aesthetic

This is going to be a series of my observations as someone who hasn’t traveled much outside of Florida or Georgia. Consider me your brand new eyes. I recently went to Brooklyn and I love it but everything is very……….Brown. One note. No personality at all. There was a little red but like a brown brick red. From the hotels to the houses to the hospitals to the apartments everything is just brown and very close together and tall. But the good thing is that you get in some of these places and they’re breathtakingly beautiful or just unexpected. When people refer to the Brownstones — I wonder what that means? Are they talking about a specific area? Is it like an apartment complex? I hear about the Brownstones all the time. There’s a lot of perpendicular lines too. Like just the way buildings are set up sometimes they aren’t lined up. There aren’t a lot of different cars either. Every time I ordered an Uber or Lyft it was a Black Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic. The people all look like people I’ve never seen. That’s probably the best thing about it! The pets look like regular pets. The things. Well the things are different everywhere but i feel like they are especially different there. There’s just more options. New York baby!