But it burns so good

My podcasting partner and I have talked about it for years. We’ve even talked about it on our podcast. But a McDonald’s sprite has the potency of something that cannot be put into words. It’s different than the sprite in the bottle, it’s different than the sprite in the can, it’s different than any other sprite that you taste in any form. We joke about how we can literally feel it tearing the lining of our stomach but we don’t care because it burns so good. Recently, there have been Memes about how a sprite could basically charge a car battery or charge an iPhone — it can fry fish an d it could resuscitate a dying person. The list just goes on. So me, being the Black female Alton brown that I like to think that I am had to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. What is it about McDonald’s sprite specifically that gives it that extra ooomph? It didn’t take much research it was on the first page of Google as all my questions should be. It turns out that McDonald’s uses a higher amount of syrup and higher fizz ratio to give it that iconic McDonald’s taste. They also use extra filtered water so nothing affects the taste of the soda. One other minuscule detail that makes the biggest difference is that McDonald’s straws are slightly bigger than the average straw you drink out of those allowing you to receive a higher volume of liquid at the same time. Fascinating. I hope it never changes.