I think it should be mandatory for everyone to watch Flavor of Love once a year..

There are a lot of reality/ dating shows that I'm sure everyone can think of off the top of their head, but the first thing that usually comes to mind is Flavor of Love. This show is literally a gem... well at least the first two seasons. I honestly stopped watching after Tiffany Pollard (New York) left. She is honestly what made the show although I enjoyed a few of the other ladies such as (Bucky, Bootz, Goldie, Like Dat) and a few others I can't think of right now.. In my opinion this is what put dating shows on the map! This is one of the few shows that I can look at time and time again and still get a good laugh out of it, I would consider it timeless. With that being said if you have never seen Flavor of Love I think that now is the time to do it.. Hulu literally has all of the episodes and I am on my seventh watch. As you can see I am a huge fan lol.

If you're reading this..

•Who are a few of your favorite Flavor of Love contestants?

•Which season was your favorite?