Help everyone’s answer is so different

What is your rule of thumb with leaving food out at room temperature? Also eating food that was left outside?

My mom always says that cooked food needs to be refrigerated within three hours, especially things containing eggs milk and meat, or you run the risk of getting sick. My house is about 68 degrees to combat the Florida heat so in my mind four hours is the max. As for outside food, the heat is so unbearable I don’t really do past two hours.

But people, (such as the summer house crew, drunk friends, most men in general) will legit eat leftovers that were left out all night. Especially pizza.

I was also speaking to people from different countries and they say since sometimes refrigeration is a luxury, they eat their leftover sides like rice and mashed potatoes for days without refrigeration and it’s totally fine.

What is your rule of thumb? Do you have none? When do you say ‘ok, this has been left out too long, let’s throw it away’?