These 'Cruel Summer' Theories Will Make You Question Everything

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These 'Cruel Summer' Theories Will Make You Question Everything

The mystery of Cruel Summer is all dependent on how reliable its characters are as narrators of truth — and thus far, it doesn't seem like Jeanette or Kate is as honest as they appear. And while we still don't know whether Jeanette is telling the truth or Kate is telling the truth, or the truth rests somewhere in between the two stories, that doesn't stop us from coming up with some Cruel Summer theories.

Told across three summers, with each episode alternating between Kate and Jeanette's perspective, Cruel Summer tells the story of how popular girl Kate Wallis was kidnapped by the assistant principal at her high school, only to be rescued a year later and discover that the once-dorky Jeanette Turner has essentially taken over her life. Jeanette is dating her boyfriend Jamie and hanging out with her besties. However, that's not why Kate is furious with Jeanette — or at least, not the only reason. Kate also claims that Jeanette saw her while she was in captivity — and said nothing.

Unfortunately, there's no hardcore evidence yet that proclaims Kate is telling the truth — and Jeanette insists she never saw Kate. Right now, it's up to fans to figure out exactly what went down between Jeanette and Kate — if anything at all. Could all of this just be a misunderstanding? Could Kate or Jeanette be a lying sociopath? Or, is there someone else entirely to blame?

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