What If 'Cruel Summer' Is Pulling A 'Pretty Little Liars' Twist?

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What If 'Cruel Summer' Is Pulling A 'Pretty Little Liars' Twist?

There was a time when I spent a good chunk of my weekly brain power attempting to figure out A's identity on Pretty Little Liars. Now, Cruel Summer is scratching that very same itch. Untangling the mystery of how Kate could think Jeanette saw her in captivity, but Jeanette insist that she never did, is not easy — and while it's certainly possible that one of these girls is lying, a show on the very same network that PLL once called home simply would never make things so easy. That's why, when I read a new theory from Reddit about Cruel Summer borrowing a page from PLL — and, specifically, Alison helping her torturer Mona pull off a brand-new makeover — I knew I had to report it.

Redditor HotCupOfCoffee writes, "Maybe both Janette and Kate are telling the truth. So once Kate ran away and went with Martin maybe Jeanette saw her when she broke in once again, but at this time, Kate was there by her own will. Maybe she asked Jeanette to keep quiet and in exchange she helped her change her hair and everything. Maybe she told Jeanette to lose the dorky necklace, so she took it off and left it there. Which explains why Kate has it."

One thing we know? Kate did go to Martin's house willingly — and while that doesn't make Martin less of a creep or his actions any less wrong, we don't know how long Kate wanted to stay at Martin's house on her own accord. Maybe it was just a few days, or maybe it was months. Just like Ali on PLL, Kate may have faked her own disappearance — and it's quite possible that Jeanette knew where she was, at least initially, and traded her silence for a glow-up.

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