Does This Clue About Mallory On 'Cruel Summer' Mean She's More Guilty Than She Appears

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Does This Clue About Mallory On 'Cruel Summer' Mean She's More Guilty Than She Appears

If you're a Cruel Summer fan, there's a good chance you have opinions on whether Jeanette or Kate is lying about whether or not Jeanette really witnessed Kate in captivity during one of her many trips to kidnapper assistant principal Martin's house. But is it possible that we're focused on the wrong person's trustworthiness? If nothing is as it seems on Cruel Summer, perhaps it's worth exploring whether someone we think is trustworthy might not be. Is Mallory guilty of something on Cruel Summer, or could I be reading into this small moment way too much?

Episode 6 of Cruel Summer, titled "An Ocean Inside Me," plays with the idea that Mallory may not be as great a friend as she likes to think she is. After daring Vincent and Jeanette to shoplift from the mall, Mallory totally ditches them. Jeanette takes the blame for Vincent: She grabs the CD he stole and tells him to run off, allowing herself to be caught by mall security. Back at Jeanette's house, Jeanette starts to complain about Mallory. She asks Vincent, "I don't want to talk badly about Mallory, but you ever feel like sometimes she just pressures us to do whatever she wants to do and she'll never back down?"

Vincent, an angel, shuts down any gossip about their friend, but it's an unusual burst from Jeanette... and it might be telling about a side of Mallory we haven't seen yet, but has been heavily hinted at.

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