The 'Cruel Summer' Showrunner Explains The Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

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The 'Cruel Summer' Showrunner Explains The Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Now that Cruel Summer has aired its jaw-dropping finale (to recap: Kate saw Mallory, not Jeanette! Jeanette knew Kate was kidnapped! Most importantly, Mallory and Kate finally kissed!) you may think you're now aware of everything there is to know about one of the most talked about mysteries of the summer. Thanks to showrunner Tia Napolitano's conversation with The Dipp in which she explained Cruel Summer's hidden Easter eggs, however, it's clear that there's still more fun for fans to figure out — they just had to look a little closer.

Napolitano previously teased to The Dipp readers that fans should "keep a good eye on the props," because there was plenty to uncover. That was certainly true when it came to Mallory's snow globe, that ended up being from Martin's house and confirming that Kate wasn't in the basement on Christmas, as well as the necklace, which was the lynchpin in Kate's case against Jeanette.

But what else should fans have kept an eye out for? Here are just a few things that may make you go, "Ohhhh!!!"

Jeanette's Necklace

No, not the tacky "You Go, Girl!" necklace that Mallory and Vince gift her in the pilot. It's a different necklace that Napolitano points out ties Jeanette and her mother together, even after their falling out.

"During the diner scene, Jeanette's mother Cindy gives Jeanette a necklace she got from Paris," Napolitano explains. "Jeanette blows up on Cindy, but when she leaves, Jeanette takes the necklace. In the final episode, she wears that necklace to court. That, to me, was showing that there was a future for Jeanette and Cindy, and Jeanette is leaving that door open with her mom."

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