5 Aha Moments From The 'Cruel Summer' Penultimate Finale

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5 Aha Moments From The 'Cruel Summer' Penultimate Finale

After a season of questions, Cruel Summer finally gave us answers about Kate Wallis' kidnapping — and wow, did it deliver. The penultimate episode "A Secret of My Own" broke format, instead jumping back and forth between just the 1993 and 1994 timelines as Kate recalls her kidnapping story to her therapist. This time, it seems that Kate is finally honest about what really happened to her while she was in captivity... and how, for a period of time, she was in Martin Harris' home by choice. (Or, at least, by as much of a choice as she could have made, given that Martin had groomed her for weeks prior to her arriving at his home.)

Naturally, there were many reveals in this episode of Cruel Summer — some that are downright shocking, and others that fans may have suspected along the way. Here are the most mind-blowing moments from the penultimate finale that will have us reeling until the last episode.

Kate Stayed in Martin's Home to Escape Her Life

Episode 8's "Proof" revealed that Kate went to Martin's house willingly, but what fans didn't know was how long she stayed willingly. As it turns out, Kate stayed in Martin's house for more than three months on her own accord — through Christmas — because she and Martin started a relationship, and Martin convinced Kate that the only way they could be together was by her living in his house, away from the outside world.

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