8 'Clickbait' Clues That Explain The Jaw-Dropping Finale

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8 'Clickbait' Clues That Explain The Jaw-Dropping Finale

Well, hello there. We're assuming because you clicked into this article, you've seen the entire season of Clickbait. But, just to be safe we have to say... Major spoilers for the ending of Clickbait ahead. If you have not watched the new Netflix series or do not want to be spoiled by the ending, then look away!

Did Clickbait have the most random ending ever? Quite possibly. But even if the big reveal that Nick Brewer was catfished by the university secretary who was in approximately five scenes before the finale felt like it came out of nowhere, there were plenty of hints that Nick was innocent all along.

In many ways, Clickbait subverted expectations. After watching the trailer alone, I was convinced Nick did it — my only question was how he was going to get away with his misdeeds. But then the show went in a completely different direction and revealed that Nick really was just an actual nice guy (not to be confused with the dreaded Nice Guy).

Nick was everything Pia and Sophie always knew he was: kind, loving, and a good father, son, and husband. Hell, he even advocated for the students on the women's volleyball team when he found out his definitely gross pal Matt was involved in an inappropriate relationship with one of the players. Nick was the real deal, and if you were paying attention, Clickbait was giving viewers plenty of reasons not to doubt him throughout the season.

1.Nick Had Zero Tech Skills

Way back in the first episode, Clickbait made it clear Nick's tech skills were nonexistent. The man didn't even add a number to his password, never mind a special character. This isn't a guy who could pull off a secret online life complete with elaborate photoshopping and multiple dating profiles.

2. He Was Super Protective Of Pia

I know men can be loving to their family members and still be predators, but the relationship between Pia and Nick was so strong, it was hard to believe his sister wouldn't have had some idea that he had a secret life. Even though the siblings had a fight before he was kidnapped, Nick's love for Pia was never in doubt, and that suggested he wasn't capable of keeping such a massive secret from her.

3. He Didn't Fight Back When Curtis Hit Him

During the bar fight, Nick doesn't even try to fight back when Curtis hits him. If he was going to be violent that would have been the moment where it happened, and instead, he didn't retaliate when the man who had an affair with his wife started pummeling him.

4. All Of The Dating Profiles Were Deactivated

Again, Nick's just not a tech guy. After Pia and Sophie's comments in the first episode, it didn't add up that he would bother deactivating his dating profiles — especially when he had so many. Why wouldn't he just ghost one woman and move on to the next, especially since he was using an assumed name?

5. Emma's Birthday Gifts Definitely Look Like Something A Grandma Would Send

Major alarm bells went off for me the minute I saw Emma's birthday gifts. Guys like Nick don't send women drugstore balloons and teddy bears to their workplace. That's definitely the kind of gift you would get from your grandma, not your boyfriend (unless you're in middle school, maybe)… which makes sense once you know Dawn is the one who picked that travesty out.

6. Matt Had Zero Knowledge Of Nick Sneaking Off In L.A.

Matt was so genuinely shocked when he heard Nick had a girlfriend in Los Angeles, it definitely made me go "hmmm." Yes the bro code is a thing, but Matt was so eager to horn in on Nick's family, I feel like he would have been eager to share any information that made his best friend look bad.

7. The Phone Call To Emma

Okay, this is a big one. Why would anyone threaten Emma? I mean, Nick was dead and neither Sophie nor Pia would try to scare away someone with potentially valuable information. The phone call was a huge clue that there was more to Nick's situation than anyone realized.

8. Pia & Nick's Secret

The minute Pia revealed her and Nick's dad died by suicide it became clear Nick would never have said those awful things to Sarah. While it was believable that he could have had multiple affairs, it wasn't believable that he would take advantage of someone's vulnerable mental state after losing his own father in such a tragic manner.

I'm still not 100 percent convinced that Clickbait earned the Dawn reveal (I think we can all agree that dishonor should have went to Matt), but looking back, there was never any doubt that Nick was innocent right from the start.


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