Netflix's 'Clickbait' Is Going To End Just Like This, Isn't It?

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Netflix's 'Clickbait' Is Going To End Just Like This, Isn't It?

I have a confession: I'm already hooked on Netflix's new thriller Clickbait, and it hasn't even premiered yet. However, I have watched the trailer about 10 times, and I feel confident that I can now predict the ending of Clickbait based on the trailer alone.

First, let's start with the bonkers plot. Clickbait is about a family man, Nick (played by Drive Me Crazy star Adrian Grenier), who appears to be a loving husband, father, and sister. But that all gets called into question when he disappears and is seen in an online video holding a sign that says "I abuse women. At 5 million views, I die." Later he's given a new sign: "I killed a woman." From there, his sister (Zoe Kazan) and wife (Betty Gabriel) left wondering who Nick really is, all while dealing with the police investigating the claims made against Nick and reporters hounding their every move.

It's like a true crime documentary unraveling in real time, only with hot people and a social media commentary angle (clickbait is bad and can lead to literal death, etc, etc). And it looks incredible. This trailer has everything: family drama, a potentially evil white man, an abduction mystery, a murder mystery!! I want it, I love it, I need it.

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OK, now that we have established how much Clickbait is gonna rule, there's only one thing to do: predict the ending. After a thorough examination of the trailer, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way this can end. And no, it's not Nick being found guilty and taken away in handcuffs, or him being killed by his abductor (who I feel like could be his sister based on those plastic gloves??), or him being cleared of all charges. It's with Nick alive, free, and very, very guilty.

Picture this: a beaten up Nick safe at home, sitting at the kitchen table with his family in terrifying silence. Because, after everything they've been through, all the interrogations with the police, the reporters digging through their personal lives, and combing through their memories for clues, they all know that he's guilty even if they can't prove it. BOOM. Fade to black.

Call me, Netflix!


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