Will Tinsley Return To 'RHONY'? Perhaps. But Should She?

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Will Tinsley Return To 'RHONY'? Perhaps. But Should She?

Tinsley Mortimer, dressed in a clown suit, mascara running through tears while teetering at the edge of an existential crisis. The Real Housewives of New York City's life was a circus, but one that, as of last year, seemed tamed. After all, not only had Tinsley finally made it official with her on- and off-again boyfriend, but she moved to Chicago for him, and, since there is no Real Housewives of Chicago, her reality TV watch had thus ended. Tears at The Big Apple Circus became a memory, relegated only to the child with spacial confusion wondering just how 12 men could fit in a tiny car. (Terrifying.) The circus, though, begins anew, for Tinsley and Scott Kluth have ended their engagement. But will Tinsley return to RHONY to mend her broken heart?

The details? Juicy. The break-up? Devastating. It's the perfect recipe for a season-long plotline, one that could put Tinsley back in Sonja Morgan's townhome, for time is only a flat circle. According to sources feeding People their reports:

This was not mutual, she was blindsided. She's on the floor heartbroken and devastated. She left everything for him because she didn't think he'd ever call off the engagement. She trusted him that this time was going to be different.

It's trouble that directly conflicts with the paradise Tinsley had set up in 2020 during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. At the time, she said quarantine had improved their relationship, being "exactly what we needed." Her engagement ring was visible in an Instagram photo just a week-and-a-half ago, pointing to a split dramatic enough to make a Bravo fan wonder, is Madison LeCroy involved with this one too? (It always comes back to Madison.)

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