Why Are We Trying To Make Prince William Sexy?

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Why Are We Trying To Make Prince William Sexy?

Hi, ignorant American here, asking you to please explain why we are trying to make Prince William sexy now? Look, it's not that the Duke of Cambridge is bad looking or that I am particularly anti-thirsting-after-royals. I love a good thirst — when it's authentic. But there's just something about the overwhelming urge to make Prince William sexy that feels icky at best, coordinated at worst.

Let's rewind. The day was Thursday, May 20, and I, being of sound mind and body, started the morning as I always do: opening Twitter. And what do I see, but article after article, tweet after tweet, declaring that Prince Williams' arm is the most royally sexy arm in all of existence. It turns out, the future King gave fans a rare glimpse at his bare bicep on Twitter and Instagram upon receiving his first COVID-19 vaccine shot. "To those working on the vaccine rollout - thank you for everything you've done and continue to do," he wrote, sharing a photo of him getting jabbed in the arm on the official Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Twitter and Instagram.

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Is it sexy? Twitter apparently thinks so, as do media outlets. The British tabloid The Mirror reported on "Prince William's surprisingly muscular bare arms," E! published an article with the headline "Prince William's Buff Arm In This Vaccine Pic Will Leave You Royally Flushed," and Entertainment Tonight tweeted that Prince William was "selling tickets to the gun show." (I, personally, will not be attending.) And, look, I get it. His bicep has a very nice shadow contour thing going on, and as a literal royal, he's not often spotted shirtless or in man tanks, so the uncovering of the bicep and deltoid muscles feels illicit and exciting. But there's something about this huge reaction that feels forced, especially in light of all the negative press surrounding the Royal Family.

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