Julia Fox's 'Call Her Daddy' Interview About Kanye Contradicts A Lot Of The Headlines

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Julia Fox's 'Call Her Daddy' Interview About Kanye Contradicts A Lot Of The Headlines

The most valuable thing I’ve learned about the relationship between Kanye West and Julia Fox is, if you create a new story as soon as the last story about you is published, it forces a new headline to be written about you immediately. Keep this pattern up, and you’ve created your own personal 24-hour news feed.

I just finished listening to Julia Fox’s interview with Alexandra Cooper on Call Her Daddy (CHD) and even as I write this recap and analysis of the interview, articles contradicting Fox's own words about her relationship with Kanye have already started to pop up.

In her CHD interview, Fox answered some of the most pressing questions people had:

Is Julia Kanye’s muse? “Yea, a little maybe. He wants to dress me right now.”

Is Kanye dating her just to make Kim jealous? “I’m sure there’s still some sort of residual feelings, it’s normal, it’s human, but I also know that he’s with me now and that’s all that matters.”

Is Julia a gold digger? It’s the biggest misconception of her, she says.

Is she playing Madonna in her biopic? “No, I wish. No, I actually auditioned to play Debi Mazar, her BFF.”

Is this even real? “Time will tell… you’ll see.”

This interview isn’t the first time Fox has discussed her relationship. Shortly after her first date with West, she began to reveal some insights on her own podcast. When questioned by her co-host on the January 13th episode of Forbidden Fruits about why she thinks people are so captivated by their story, Fox responded, “Maybe because I’m not the most obvious choice, like maybe because I just came kinda out of left field.” And she’s right.

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