9 Baby Boy Names Kylie Jenner Is Rumored To Have Named Her Son

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9 Baby Boy Names Kylie Jenner Is Rumored To Have Named Her Son

After a pregnancy that felt like forever (don't they all), Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her second child via Instagram on Sunday night. Travis Scott and Kylie’s baby boy was born a day after their daughter Stormi's birthday on February 2, 2022. Kylie shared a photo on Instagram of her holding her son's little hand, but she didn't share everything. Fans are left wondering what Travis and Kylie named their baby son.

UPDATE: On Friday, February 11, Kylie Jenner revealed on Instagram that she and Travis Scott named their son Wolf Webster.

EARLIER: When any Kardashian or Jenner gives birth, there's always a lot of talk about what iconic name will be given to the newest member of America's most famous family. Plus, when a new baby is joining cousins with names like True, Dream, Psalm, North, and Saint, the pressure is on to come up with something original.

Thankfully, the internet has done a lot of work in predicting what Kylie and Travis came up with for their second. By investigating social media clues and more, here are some predictions that have been circulating the web.


Yes, their kids would be named Stormi and Knight, as in, stormy night. We all know the Kardashians/Jenner love to combine names to make a phrase (North West, anyone?) so Kylie could be following in Kim Kardashian's footsteps here.


This is a personal favorite of mine because it's short and sweet and totally fits Kylie’s vibe. This name prediction came from an Instagram Story that Kylie posted of a bedazzled lion clutch she got on Christmas, plus, Kylie is also a Leo.

The most Leo thing for her to do would be to quite literally name her child Leo. Everyone is expecting that their boy's name is Leo, so it might be a little too obvious, but I think it's definitely a good guess.


If Leo is in the race based on the clutch, then King could be, too. The lion is the king of the jungle, after all. King gives me a royalty vibe that you know the Kardashian Jenners love. King is short and simple, but also unique compared to most baby names. It's a top runner.


TikTok creator @jessthereporter guessed this name because of the whole earthy, weather theme, but it’s not a fan favorite. It seems too similar to Stormi and has definitely been used before. Now, Rockwell is a cool name, but I don’t see Kylie being a fan of that, either. Just feels too old timey for their modern family.


The name Jack is a dark horse, but don't count it out. Obviously, it’s a very popular, commonly-used, American name... but Jack is also the childhood nickname of her baby daddy, Jacques Bermon Webster III, aka Travis Scott. Choosing Jack could be an interesting option, as it alludes to Travis' Cactus Jack brand, but I think Kylie really could be surprising us with a traditional name that honors baby's father.


Travis is another obvious prediction that's consuming social media, but I don’t think Kylie would go this direct of a route. She’s too famous for that.


At first this was a front-runner. according to the internet, but after recent events, this would probably not be a good idea.


Lots of people think that Kylie named her baby Angel, since the comments section of her Instagram that announced his birth is full of the baby angel emoji. That, plus any repetitive set of numbers – such as 2/2/22, the baby's birthday – are considered angelic in numerology. Angel could definitely be in the running.


I love it. It’s different, represents a holiday, and I believe she will announce the name on Valentine's Day just to make a statement. TikTok creator @lifeofroryofficial claims to have “started a rumor” around this name possibility a few weeks ago, in turn allegedly causing Kris Jenner to send him "another lawsuit email." Could this be the real name or will Kylie change it since it’s been leaked? Time will tell.

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