Steve Harvey, Fashion Icon?

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Steve Harvey, Fashion Icon?

Every day I sign on to Twitter to see what fresh hell the internet has got for me. Lately it's the red flag emoji, something MGK/Megan Fox related, and perhaps a photo of a cat. What I don't expect to see, however, is Steve Harvey giving me fashion.

And yet here we are. On Oct. 13, the man notorious for this, took to Twitter to deliver the news that he is now a fashion icon. A leather pants warrior. Dare I say, a sex symbol? He didn't say any of those words, obviously, but just look at this picture and tell me you're not ready to buzz in before he finishes the question.

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I'm not not into it. The confidence it takes to pull of a look like this alone should be commended. And he is pulling it off. The Bottega Veneta's, worth a cool $980, alone are enough to turn heads, but the jacket and pants take it to the next level.

I truly love the fit, but it's the fact that this is Family Feud's Steve Harvey wearing it that is most surprising. If we saw, I don't know, say Dwayne Wade in this outfit we wouldn't blink and eye. I'd double tap the picture and keep scrolling. But Broderick Stephen Harvey? Where is he going in a look like that?

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It is all just a shock to the system. Seeing Harvey dressed like a fashion influencer who is about to throw out his promo code (STEVE20) for your next fast fashion purchase is just not something you expect to see every day when you wake up. But I'll tell you this... if it's a rebrand, I'm here for it. This isn't your 4 p.m. syndicated reruns of Family Feud, Steve Harvey. Get this man on Deuxmoi STAT and have him compete with his daughter, Lori's, boyfriend Michael B. Jordan. Then we'll really see who wins the points.

Image: Twitter, @IAmSteveHarvey

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