My Favorite Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Of The Past 10 Years, Part 1

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My Favorite Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Of The Past 10 Years, Part 1

Conspiracy theories are a problematic fav. The inability of so many people to separate fact from fiction is really, really bad! But celebrity conspiracy theories are essentially a victimless crime. Taken with a grain of salt, they’re a nice warm cup of spicy, if potentially fictionalized, tea. Thanks to TikTok, it feels like there are so many new and crazy ones.

Call it BS or call it a rabbit hole; it’s hard to look away when the internet is feeding us with tales of curses, love children, AI robots, and more.

Focusing just on the 21st Century (sorry Marilyn and JFK), these are the 26 most wild ones I routinely come back to as “crazy if true!” Next week, you'll get 24 more. I've broken them down into some categories ... eh just scroll, on you'll get it.

Taylor Swift Theories

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Theory: Taylor and Harry Styles allegedly murdered someone.

“Evidence:” Styles and Swift got into a mysterious snowmobile accident around 2012. Haylor conspiracy theorists believe that the accident was a cover-up for a much bigger crime. Writer Alyssa Cuevas made a detailed timeline of Swift and Styles lyrics for Strike Magazine that allegedly “prove” that the pair are living with the guilt of what seems like vehicular manslaughter.

Theory: Taylor and Karlie Kloss allegedly dated for six years; all of Swift’s public relationships were to distract from us knowing about “Kaylor.”

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