Britney finally dragged Justin

Can we please pause the Will Smith drama for the love of God and start talking about something that I’ve been waiting to happen my entire adolescence to adult life.

Britney finally addressed Justin using her for the inspiration to his first album (especially Cry Me A River where he used a Britney lookalike in the video) on her Instagram in a post and delete where she talked in third person as Jesus. She also dragged her mom and her sister but at this point we’re used to that. As you know Justin was the cause of a LOT of Britney hate rooted in misogyny before he went on to do the same with Janet Jackson. The post was long but here’s the JT portion.

‘ Your mom had a serving with her book at the exact time when you needed her most …all for WHAT ??? FAME and ATTENTION!!!! Your ex did the same thing … he served with his first album using your name claiming you did him dirty !!!’

I know that’s right Britney. Whenever she decides to do her tell all I’m going to CLAP real loud because I’m sorry he has not gotten dragged enough in my opinion.