Dula Peep

I saw Dua Lipa in concert last night in Miami. I have to say that she has improved significantly over the past two years. I really appreciate that she sought out dance lessons and she really took a grip on what her aesthetic is. This was my first concert after the pandemic and I can say that she gave us a full experience. There were at least 5 to 6 costume changes. She sounded phenomenal she looked phenomenal and she put on an amazing show. Additionally, you know that a performer who is not known for dancing is nothing without their back up dancers so in addition to making them an integral part of the show she also made them a part of the visuals and called them out by name. I appreciated that. If you get a chance to go to the tour, know that she sings all of her hits and she literally changed the stage to levitate when she sang her song levitating. The environment was so amazing and especially if you were drunk like I was. And also make sure that you dress to impress because everyone there was dressed to the vibe of her music and her energy. I have gained such a new respect for her. Just good vibes all around