The real tea on why Kylie is changing Wolf’s name

Wolf Webster made a lot of sense for a celebrity baby name when you think about how celebs name their babies. Kylie recently revealed that Wolf would no longer be called Wolf because ‘it didn’t fit him’ but if you know celebrity feuds/tea/Hollywood talk you know as SOON as it was announced that she named her son Wolf — there is one other influencer that comes to mind and that’s Tammy Hembrow. The Hembrows are a huge deal in Australia (even being deemed the Australian Kards) but Tammy is a big deal here too. Kylie has been called out for copying Tammy and Vice versa. IYKYK this has been going on for years. Tammy’s son is named Wolf and the internet has been BUZZING about Kylie kopying yet another thing another big influencer does. She absolutely is changing his name because of it. She should go back to the internet guesses because Valentine, Angel, and Jack are all nice names.