Can You Smell A Kardashian PR Stunt?

The evolution of the Kardashian bait & switch is wild once you catch on to what they do best.

The WORLD was enthralled with the drama that was Kanye v. Kete this weekend. Did you find yourself asking, "is this real??" Because I did. And just when I was convinced that it was real, that Pete was sticking up for Kim while also trying to talk some sense into Kanye, I open my Instagram app this morning to see a BRAND NEW, OFFICIAL TRAILER for The Kardashians. Dropping on Hulu on April 14th!! Oh, and a new business launch, SKIMS SWIMS.

Even this weekend, when the world was slamming Kim for telling us to get to work. One Instagram photo of her and Pete together and *poof.* Backlash gone.

Have we all gotten to the point where we can see through the antics? It's not even that I mind them, they just now seem obvious.