Celebrity factoid that makes you go, "Wait...what?!"

The very best part of falling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole is coming across something in a celebrity's personal life section that absolutely blows your mind. One of those things that, as soon as you learn it, you find other articles to verify it and then telling every single person you know so you can blow their minds, too.

Some lesser-known celebrity factoids are, of course, major bummers (Matthew Broderick, uh, killed a person) but I'm talking about the ones that are jaw-dropping in a fun way. Take, for instance, the fact that Keith Morrison is Matthew Perry's stepdad. (LOVE IT. INCREDIBLE.)

However, the one that really made me wonder how the hell I never knew this before was when I found out that Stanley Tucci had an affair with his stage co-star Edie Falco when he was with his first wife (!!!) who he left to be with her (!!!) and then they broke up and he returned to his wife and kids (!!!). Tucci stayed married to his then-wife Kathryn until 2009 when she died of breast cancer, but like, WHAT?! This totally ruined my mental image of the Tooch. For reference: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/stanley-tucci-edie-falco-started-201810301.html

Which celebrity factoid totally makes your head spin? Spill it!