Is that Chris Pine, and when did he get so hot

Happy International Women's Day to all who celebrate, and thank you to The Cut for bringing these photos of a gray-haired, long-beared, dad leggings-under-the-shorts Chris Pine to help us ring in this March 8. I'm seeing headlines that Chris Pine is "unrecognizable" or that he looks "unkempt" after being photographed out and about for the first time since his split with Annabelle Wallis.

Well, my friends, those headlines have a spin that I do NOT agree with WHATSOEVER. "Unrecognizable"? "Unkempt" Bro is looking foine and anyone with t a s t e would agree.

Might I also add that Mr. Pine is 41 years old, which is the perfect age for a man. (Give Kyle Cooke a couple years, you'll see.) Combine that fact with his iced coffee, his hoodie, his swagger, and his caveman aesthetic and ladies and gentleman, we can announce the winner: Chris Pine is the Supreme Chris.

I bet he smells like the outside, coffee (of course), one cigarette from last week, a dash of last night's bourbon, and the lobby of a fancy Costa Rican hotel.