Amber Heard posing for court cameras... thoughts?

Has anyone else seen the videos of Amber seemingly posing for court cameras during her testimony? It makes me totally cringe, because it does feel way too played up for someone reliving such alleged trauma. I am by no means a Johnny fan, and honestly went into this thinking they were both incredibly toxic but erring on believing her allegations, but at this point, it feels like she’s putting on a show. That doesn’t take away any truth (or not truth) to what she is saying, but I really don’t think it helps her? It makes it feel really icky.

Amber Heard Receives Flak Over Viral Video Posing

To be fair, Johnny treated his testimony like it was standup hour at the comedy cellar. He was playing for laughs and quips, and that was equally as icky.

I have to keep reminding myself that these two are actors and performers and perhaps that’s hard to turn off in dramatic moments like these? They almost default to playing a part. IDK I love to psychoanalyze.