Sydney Sweeny seemingly harassed at The Met Gala

Watching a video of Sweeny on the red carpet, it seems HECTIC AF. There are what sounds like a dozen people calling her name, telling her to smile, look this way, look that way, etc. But according to Buzzfeed News, there's a TikTok that shows her being harassed on the red carpet -

Later there was a statement saying that "boobs" is a misunderstanding and that the person really said “show us those MOVES" as she was just dancing up the stairs a few moments before.

Now, I listened to this like 10x, and tried REALLY hard to think about what I heard and not just go oh well they said "boobs" so I've got to hear boobs.

And you know what? I still hear boobs. And I hate it. And speaking as a woman who's had an...ample chest her whole life and has been getting cat called since she was a teenager, I hate it even more. The Met Gala is supposed to be the height of fashion and prestige. I don't want to believe this happened, but the fashion industry also isn't known for being the most progressive/friendly to women. I would love to hear Sweeny's POV on this -- did she hear this? Did she just play it off? All this after there were negative comments about her body last year, which prompted her to go on a tearful IG live...