What celebrity has done nothing wrong, but you know you'd just hate?

It's tough, because so many hatable celebs have allegedly done stuff wrong (I mean, who hasn't, I guess) but here are the celebs with whom I wouldn't vibe, and why:

- Emma Stone. Lovely woman but our energies would not match. I think she would have a hard time nothing if not "on" and that would grate on me.

- Jared Leto. My fear here is that everything would be sooooo serious, and that we'd never be happy where we were; we'd always have one drink then hunt for a better party somewhere else. I also feel like he'd be on his phone a lot.

- Danielle Radcliffe. Oh, what a sweet lad, but probably too sweet for me. I feel like he'd be TOO go with the flow and wouldn't participate in a meaningful way. There's only so many times you can hear, "whatever you guys wanna do, i'm cool with!" blah