Why we can't take our eyes of Amber and Johnny's trial

Like everyone else, I have been transfixed by Amber and Johnny's trial these past few weeks (if you aren't following @thetalkofshame's recaps on IG, you're missing out) — it's felt like something we've never seen before, making it all the more riveting, but I think I figured out precisely why we're so obsessed.

In the last five years or so, celebrities have been able to have 100% control over their image, curating their lives on social media to get us to believe anything about them that they want us to believe. Social media has allowed fans "access" into celebrities' lives, but we're all getting carefully planned version of access — celebrities aren't going to air their dirty laundry on Instagram. What's more, their ability to use IG to get exposure has made it so they no longer need the press to stay relevant, which means we no longer get those long profiles that end up giving us a real look into their lives. The last "embarrassing" and honest profile I remember is that Vanity Fair one about Tom Hiddleston from YEARS back.

Johnny and Amber's trial is the first time in a LONG time that we're getting an unedited and unfiltered look into celebrities' lives. The stories we're hearing in the court aren't rumors or tabloid conjecture — they're real and they're ugly. It's the most honest portrayal of celebrity that we've seen since social media took over our lives.

And I literally cannot look away.