I feel weirdly protective of Anna Marie Tendler

One of the strangest things that happened after the whole John Mulaney rehab/divorce/having a kid with Olivia Munn and their sketchy-ass timeline thing was how quickly fans were told it was none of our business and that we'd formed a parasocial relationship to the comedian. The only problem with that whole thing is, he WELCOMED us into his life and made it a huge part of his act. Fans grew to love his now ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler because he talked about her so affectionately in his act for years. How could we not fall in love with her, too?

It's something I've had a really hard time letting go of in this new phase of Mulaney's life, to be honest, even as I wish him the very best in his sobriety. I still feel attached to Tendler. Not just because we got to "know" her through his act, but if you're anything like me, you follow her on Instagram AND you feel a kinship with her if you've ever been blindsided and heartbroken.

I still find Mulaney really funny, but I have a hard time really being a fan because, honestly, I'm rooting for her. I feel weirdly protective of her at this point and get nervous that she sees Munn's social media or headlines about her. Again, I don't know Tendler and she could be totally fine and I'm projecting my own shit. This is all just to say: go Anna.