These Celeb Couples Of Summer 2021 Are Ruining Everything!

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These Celeb Couples Of Summer 2021 Are Ruining Everything!

We were promised Hot Vax Summer. We were promised an astrological season between 89 and 93 days of non-committal, swinging singledom; we were promised an end to pandemic skin-hunger and the ability to finally unsubscribe from paid Zoom accounts. We were promised sex. Hell, Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge allowed users to upload their vaccine status.

For celebrities, I was looking forward to drunk selfies at bacchanalian soirees where our messiest party girls would try out the Tarzan bikini bottom trend and hook up with NBA players who spent too long “in the pod.” But, no.

Instead, Summer 2021 is shaping up to be an early onset cuffing season where everyone is locking down. Bye, sloppy delightful freedom, hello, deep, meaningful conversations about the universe.

Summer 2021’s hottest famous person accessory is a romantic partner. Because just like everything, celebs are always five steps ahead of the rest of us. Here are all the stars engaging in Hot Coup(le) Summer.

Zendaya and Tom Holland

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These two just about broke the internet as we were treated to four days of pap shots of a romantic weekend away in Santa Barbara for the 4th of July. The couple allegedly met while filming Spider-Man in 2017, according to people People. They kept the relationship secret and, at times, outright denied it until just this weekend when the general public got to see them making out in a car and eating at a Thai restaurant.

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