The Only John Mulaney Timeline You Need (Feat. Olivia Munn)

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The Only John Mulaney Timeline You Need (Feat. Olivia Munn)

To describe the last year of John Mulaney's life as "eventful" would be an understatement. The comedian known for looking like a 13-year-old boy wearing his dad's suits spent the last year in and out of rehab, making headlines, and now he's having a baby with actor Olivia Munn. Of course, you know all of that already because otherwise you wouldn't be here with questions about the timeline of Mulaney's last year.

You're not alone. After an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Mulaney parsed out all of the enormous life changes he's been through since September 2020, some things we knew from headlines, others we didn't.

Per Mulaney himself, here's how the last year went down.

  • Went to rehab
  • Got out of rehab
  • Moved out of his home with his ex-wife
  • Hosted SNL
  • Relapsed "well after [SNL] goodnights"
  • Took a staff writer job at Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Continued using drugs
  • Was hours late to his own intervention
  • Went to rehab, again, for two months
  • Went to sober living for a month and a half
  • Was by no means involved in the insurrection that occurred early January
  • Went to Los Angeles in the spring and met/started dating Olivia Munn
  • Is now expecting a baby with Munn
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Unfortunately, despite being a connoisseur of storytelling, Mulaney didn't mention the dates of each of these major events, which is, frankly, all we care about right now in this moment in time. So we went through and pulled together a more broken down version of the last year, starting in Sept. 2020.

Sept. 2020

  • Does (outdoor) comedy shows with Pete Davidson and Mike Birbiglia
  • Goes to rehab, per his interview on Late Night

Oct. 2020

  • Gets out of rehab
  • Moves out of his home with ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler, per his interview on Late Night
  • Hosts SNL on Oct. 31, with The Strokes as musical guests. In his most recent interview with Meyers, Mulaney says he relapsed shortly after this gig

Nov. 2020

Dec. 2020

Jan. 2021

  • The insurrection occurs, but Mulaney is, still, in no way involved

Feb. 2021

April 201

  • Trends on Twitter because people miss him
  • Seemingly working, if anything, in the background at Late Night with Seth Meyers; in this digital-only "Corrections" video, Meyers notes that Mulaney wrote a joke that he read mid-April on his late night show

May 2021

  • Performs pop-up comedy shows, detailing his relapse and recovery
  • Publicly confirms divorce from Tendler, though sources claim he asked for a divorce three months prior. Tendler releases a statement that says, "I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage. I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery."
  • Begins to date Olivia Munn, after reportedly meeting (Editor note: re-meeting?) in church. A source told People, "This is very new, they're taking it slowly."
  • First pregnancy rumor hits online in late May after a TikTok of two comedians who know someone who knows someone told them that Munn was pregnant

June 2021

July 2021

Sept. 2021

  • Photos of Munn send fans into a frenzy speculating she's pregnant
  • Mulaney confirms Munn's pregnancy on Late Night with Seth Meyers

So yeah, it's been an eventful year for sure.

Images: NBC

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