It's Less "Who Is Julia Fox," and More, "Why Is It Julia Fox"

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It's Less "Who Is Julia Fox," and More, "Why Is It Julia Fox"

The story of an eccentric billionaire fashion designer and a newly single mom with an alleged “deadbeat ex” suddenly becoming one of the hottest celebrity couples is actually a rather typical occurrence by Hollywood standards. So while the news that Kanye West is dating actress Julia Fox was a surprise, it wasn’t really a shocker. For people consumed by this new couple, the question on their minds isn’t how they met, but why?

A week ago, Julia Fox was someone most people had to google in order to recall what they knew her from. (The answer is, she played Adam Sandler’s mistress in Uncut Gems and she was phenomenal). With currently less than a million followers on Instagram, she seems a mere mortal when compared to Ye’s soon to be ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and her hundreds of millions of followers.

Many times we don’t notice or mind when celebrity couples bloom seemingly overnight because oftentimes, it feels organic. This super selective industry with its nonstop-schedules breeds relationships of circumstance and convenience – so they’d like us to believe. But every year, major celebrities are accused of PR stunt relationships and using these fake relationships to maintain relevancy and increase their spotlight in the media. Headlines questioning the legitimacy of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rekindled romance appear less and less the longer they date, but skeptics still surface now and again. And any time Tom Cruise is linked to someone publicly, the old rumors about him allegedly auditioning wives come back to life.

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