Chaotic Column: I Thought Steve Buscemi Was Adam Sandler’s Dad

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Chaotic Column: I Thought Steve Buscemi Was Adam Sandler’s Dad

Welcome to Kaya's Chaotic Column, where every now and again I, Kaya Wilson, The Dipp's social media manager, will admit something really, just, chaotic. I'd been dropping really wild things in Slack that I just didn't know, or just found out about, and my co-workers were like, "hey, you should start a column to tell the world all about your random 'I didn't know this until now' facts." So here we are. (To get you hyped, I recently found out that an IPA, as in, a beer, is pronounced with each letter, and not as "ipah." Sorry, Austen Kroll.) Anyway, this week, my chaotic observation is about a celebrity. And I want your responses! You'll see what I mean below.

Ok so, before you judge me, hear me out.

It all started with Big Daddy.

Steve Buscemi in Big Daddy

Then Mr. Deeds.

Steve Buscemi in Mr. Deeds

Then Grown Ups.

Steve Buscemi in Grown Ups

Until recently, I thought Steve Buscemi was Adam Sandler's dad. It made sense, right. Like, why else would Steve been in all those Adam Sandler movies? He just... had to be his dad.

It wasn’t until Jack and Jill came out that I found out Steve was not only not Adam Sandler’s dad — but he was only nine years older than Adam. While chatting with a friend about the premise of Jack and Jill, I casually and confidently blurted out something along the lines of "Oh, his dad isn’t in it," to which a friend responded, "whose dad" to which I said, "The main dude. Adam. His dad, who's always in his movies, isn't in Jack and Jill."

Steve and Adam have both been in: Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, The Cobbler, Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2, Hotel Transylvania, Hotel Transylvania 2, Hubie Halloween, The Week Of, Airheads, Hotel Transylvania 3, The Ridiculous 6, Hotel Transylvania 4, and probably more. You can maybe understand where I'm coming from.

Shocked, confused, stressed and about three more adjectives later, my friend calmly explained to me that Steve Buscemi was not Adam’s dad. Me, when Google confirmed my error:

Although I have grown so much since then, I would like to extend a mea culpa to Steve Buscemi.

My chaotic question to you is: Have you ever thought a celebrity was related to another one for no reasonable explanation?

Please let me know in the comments (that green button) or on Twitter @thedipp. I don't wanna feel alone.

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