Is Chet Hanks Trolling Us?

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Is Chet Hanks Trolling Us?

While the rest of us confront national news stories about systemic racial violence, pandemic fatigue, vaccine side effects, and a stagnant job market, Chester “Chet” Hanks is posting through it.

One of the most privileged people in Hollywood, the undeniably hot (I'm sorry, he is) son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson has been making headlines throughout our Year and a Half Inside, and his online presence swings a vast and far-reaching pendulum.

While many posts are light-hearted and self-aware, others are questionably problematic or quite tone-deaf. One reading of his IG is that the brand is an in-on-the-joke irony account. But when earnest Bible quotes and a “bootstrap” attitude toward personal success accompany things like his "White Boy Summer" rallying cry, the general public gets totally confused.

So now we must answer the question: Is Chet Hanks trolling us?

A Quick Recap of 2020

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Chet’s 2020 social media highlights included appearing on the Red Carpet of the 2020 Golden Globes, speaking in a bizarre patois accent in supposed tribute to his love of Jamaica.

He followed that up with an earnest front-facing monologue that assured us that Tom and Rita’s cases of Coronavirus were under control by telling fans, “They’re not trippin’.”

Then, in summer 2020, he went out of his way to support Adele after she posted a picture of herself wearing Bantu knots.

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