'I Am The Cute One' Tackles Childhood Stardom

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'I Am The Cute One' Tackles Childhood Stardom

We grew up admiring them and wanting to be them, but in recent years, the darker side of childhood stardom has come to light. From Lindsay to Miley to Britney to I Am The Cute One's very own Mary-Kate and Ashley, many of the early aughts stars have become quite vocal since growing up about their individual experiences as parts of the Hollywood Machine.

In today's bonus episode of I Am The Cute One, Donny and Chelsea break down just that — the highs and lows of childhood fame. They're joined by podcaster Troy McEady who is the resident All Things Britney Spears expert, so trust that he's going to bring all the info you want to know about our favorite mouseketeer. Plus, Donny tells a few must-hear stories that will make you rethink getting creative with your Zoom account.

You can listen to/follow Troy's podcast the Dunzo Podcast here and check out the other podcast that he co-hosts, Behind The Blinds, here.

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