Has Chris Pratt Become The Man We Hate To Love, Or Love To Hate?

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Has Chris Pratt Become The Man We Hate To Love, Or Love To Hate?

Until a few years ago, liking Chris Pratt had been easy. What wasn't to love? He's good looking, tall, talented, and funny. Then a tone deaf comment in 2017 about how blue-collar American voices weren’t represented in Hollywood (a comment he quickly atoned for), followed by a post about voting that some found insensitive in a crucial election year, landed Pratt in a Twitter poll that deemed him the worst Chris in Hollywood.

Ten years ago it would've seemed laughable to call Chris Pratt a polarizing figure, but those instances above combined with his recent posts on social media and his casting as the voice of Super Mario and Garfield have set the internet ablaze with everything from angry comments to mocking memes.

But how did we go from loving Pratt, to not loving Pratt?

"He's just been the most likable guy for his entire life"

From 2009 to 2015, Chris Pratt was able to make flawed character Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation a lovable teddy bear we actually rooted for, despite his shortcomings. He was so likable as Andy that the producers – who originally casted him as a guest star – promoted him to series regular after Season 1.

It was Pratt's inherent likability that shone through Andy. Parks and Rec writer Alan Yang told Uproxx: "I was talking to some random person who was like, 'Oh, you write for Parks and Rec? I went to high school with Chris Pratt.' And I said, 'Oh, what did people think of him?' and he said, 'Oh man, everyone loved him. We’re all rooting for him.' So he’s just been the most likable guy for his entire life. And now he’s Indiana Jones and in Jurassic Park. It’s really cool. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person, and a more genuine person."

Pratt pursued more roles on the big screen, landing parts in Moneyball and 10 Years, but it was his dramatic physical transformation portraying a Navy SEAL in 2012's Zero Dark Thirty that gave us our first glance at Chris Pratt the action star.

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