Do Britney Spears & Sam Lutfi Speak Anymore?

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Do Britney Spears & Sam Lutfi Speak Anymore?

One of the biggest revelations to come out of the many documentaries chronicling Britney Spears' conservatorship is that Sam Lutfi might not be the villain the media and Jamie and Lynne Spears have made him out to be. Lutfi, Spears' mysterious former friend/maybe manager is heavily featured in Netflix's Britney Vs. Spears documentary, but despite his key role in the doc, Britney Spears and Sam Lutfi don't speak anymore — multiple restraining orders have seen to that.

As detailed in the new documentary, Lutfi unwittingly played a key role in the establishment of Spears' conservatorship. He came into her life amid her divorce from Kevin Federline, when tabloid reporting on Spears' "breakdown" began gaining steam. As detailed in Britney Vs. Spears, his association with the singer was used by Jamie's lawyers as a reason to wave the typical five day notice given to conservatees when a conservatorship is granted.

Over the years, there have been many rumors about Lutfi and his relationship with Spears. Was he taking advantage of her? Was he after her money? Was he crushing up drugs and putting them in her food? (An allegation levied against Lutfi by Spears' parents in their original filing for a restraining order back in 2008.) Lutfi has long denied all the allegations against him — denials he reiterates in Britney Vs. Spears — but the fact remains that, even today, 13 years later, he has not been allowed to see Spears since.

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In fact, in 2019, Spears was granted a five-year restraining order against Lutfi, claiming that he had caused her "severe mental trauma," per Page Six. Lutfi denied the allegations, reportedly telling the court that he had not spoken to Spears or attempted contact in 10 years — since 2009. According to CNN, the restraining order included an order that he not make "disparaging public statements" about Spears or her family.

Looking back now, it seems clear that the restraining order probably had more to do with the threat Lutfi posed to the conservatorship than to Spears herself. Speaking with Insider in 202, after Spears' public testimony condemning the conservatorship, Lutfi insisted that Spears' family had "falsely accused" him "of doing what they were doing to her all along." He continued, "They were projecting their demonic tendencies onto me. And gaslighting the world into believing they were her saviors."

If the conservatorship of her person is dissolved, as Spears and her new lawyer are attempting, it's unclear what would happen to the restraining order. Regardless, there's always the possibility that Lutfi and Spears reconnect in the future, but (hopefully) that'll only happen if it's what Spears wants.


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