Chad Michael Murray Is Making Dramatic Declarations In The Rain Again

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Chad Michael Murray Is Making Dramatic Declarations In The Rain Again

Allow me to take you on a little journey. Imagine me, sitting on my couch Tuesday night, minding my own business and watching a new episode of Prodigal Son (#RenewProdigalSon), when suddenly Chad Michael Murray emerges into the street, making dramatic declarations in the pouring rain. My first thought was that I had accidentally hit play on an episode of One Tree Hill, but no. It turns out Chad Michael Murray is just starring in a new commercial.

In the ad, CMM adds to his long list of iconic rain performances as "Stephen," a man struggling to make some kind of big decision — "What am I supposed to do? Leave my family?!" — which turns out to be where to book a bachelor party (whether it's for himself or someone else remains unclear). Then Captain Obvious,'s trusty mascot, shows up, tells them to book a trip to Vegas, and disappears with this gem: "Your pectoral muscles are outstanding!" Has a fictional Captain ever been so relatable?

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Soaking wet in a white henley and jeans, Chad Michael Murray looks every part the teen drama heartthrob he was in the early 2000s. Seriously, he might as well be chasing after Brooke Davis, declaring his love in the biggest rain storm Tree Hill has ever seen (see: Season 3, Episode 13 "The Wind That Blew My Heart Away"). Just look at the similarities:

Image: Warner Bros. Television/Hulu
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