Celebs Are Quietly Obsessed With These 5 Subtle Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Celebs Are Quietly Obsessed With These 5 Subtle Plastic Surgery Procedures

As public figures, most celebrities and influencers usually need to look attractive or desirable to further their careers; and if they’re in a movie/TV show, ad campaign, or even just the public eye on social media, their anthropometrics and physical appearance may be written into their contract. Thus, it's a part of their job to achieve and maintain a certain look. In fact, many celebs have trainers, dietitians, chefs, stylists and/or doctors on staff in order to maintain their appearance and be compliant with their contract.

Yet, even with all this access to the best lifestyle professionals, many celebrities still opt for cosmetic procedures to enhance their physical beauty.

Some of the nips and tucks are obvious to us – like the dramatic breast augmentations of the '90s – yet, many of them are not. Generally, most celebs make small, relatively imperceptible tweaks and enhancements here and there before suddenly emerging to the public with that je ne sais pas or “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but she looks amazing!” effect we love to call a “glow up.”

So, what procedures are popular with celebrities, and which ones should we expect to see more of? Let's dive in.

The BBL Reduction

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The BBL, or the Brazilian butt lift, is the procedure in which fat is removed from an undesirable area like the belly, arms and inner thighs using liposuction, and then injected into areas where fat is desirable, mainly the butt and hips.

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