Everything New We Learned About Anna Delvey From 'Call Her Daddy' & 'Forbidden Fruits'

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Everything New We Learned About Anna Delvey From 'Call Her Daddy' & 'Forbidden Fruits'

Like Fyre Festival, which got both the Hulu and Netflix treatment, Anna Delvey got the Call Her Daddy and Forbidden Fruits treatment, interviewing on both popular podcasts within days of each other. Delvey, who has been sitting in an ICE detention center in upstate New York since March 2021, had to call in to both interviews from an inmate common room, using a prison app that only allows calls that are 15-minutes max, forcing her to dial in multiple times for the duration of the interviews.

Her appearances on Call Her Daddy and Forbidden Fruits offered something different and, similar to the Fyre docs, you will likely prefer one over the other.

The Forbidden Fruits interview, hosted by a twosome – one of whom is Kanye West’s ex Julia Fox – felt like three friends who lost touch and are catching up after years apart, which is partially true.

Julia shared the story of how she met Anna ten years ago in NYC at “this mansion… a townhouse in the West Village.” That townhouse mansion was, funnily enough, the Magnises House, which belonged to Billy McFarland, who'd several years later would concoct the Fyre Festival. In the Inventing Anna Netflix series that details Anna’s rise and fall as New York’s infamous fake German heiress, we learn that she did in fact once live (or squatted) with McFarland.

It was clear from the start of the Forbidden Fruits interview that the hosts were #TeamAnna and it seemed they believed that Anna simply girl-bossed too close to the sun. Julia even stated that Anna was being “punished for having the same dreams as a white man.”

They spent a good deal of time discussing Anna’s former friend, Rachel DeLoache Williams, who was responsible for setting up the sting that got Anna arrested – and they showed no mercy. Julia remarked that Rachel “badly betrayed” Anna and when Anna was asked what caused her to post never before revealed “receipts” on Rachel, Anna said she had just seen “one article too many” by her former friend turned foe. (Rachel called the Stories "fiction.")

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Anna claimed she had her suspicions about Rachel before the arrest because, out of the blue, Rachel supposedly reached out and started texting Anna, even though she still had her blocked on Instagram after that disastrous Morocco trip. Anna claimed she even tried calling Rachel from jail after she was arrested and that Rachel didn’t pick up, which she thought was weird because she organizes all the travel for her job at Vanity Fair and she always picks up.

Anna told Julia and her co-host Niki Takesh that the prosecution only used Rachel as a way to attach a human face to her crimes, because the jury wouldn’t have sympathy for the banks that Anna had defrauded. Anna was found guilty on multiple charges of theft and larceny, but of the charges against her for de-frauding Rachel, Anna was found not guilty.

Other things learned from the Forbidden Fruits interview:

  • Neff has moved to Los Angeles, but she and Anna are still friends.
  • The Inventing Anna character Chase was half-fiction and half real-life and probably a composite of characters, according to Anna, although it’s hard for her to comment because hasn’t seen the series aside from a few clips shown to her by journalists.
  • Anna confirmed she did date Hunter Lee Soik, who many claim is the inspiration for Chase, but said she had several boyfriends.
  • Anna also told Julia and Niki that the Nora Bradford character whom TV-Anna scammed out of $400,000 on her Bergdorff credit card doesn’t exist and isn’t real.
  • And Kacy Duke, the celebrity trainer that seemed extremely close to Anna in the series, she only knew for four weeks, Anna claimed.

The Call Her Daddy (CHD) interview with Alex Cooper dug deeper into certain topics and explored more into Anna’s psyche, giving us a bit more insight into who Anna Delvey is, which is a feat, considering Anna admits at one point in the interview, “Nobody really knows everything about me.”

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There are moments of hilarity and charm throughout the CHD interview that make it easier to understand how this 20-something woman was able to charm and scam her way around NYC. When Anna was asked about the tweet she wrote last year about marrying Kanye for a green card, she responsed that “he doesn’t seem to be getting the best reviews” right now, which drew laughter from Alex.

Several questions and topics overlapped on both podcasts, especially questions that Anna seemed to dance around or avoid, though Alex seemed to push back a bit harder to get answers.

When it came to answering questions about money and how things were paid, Anna never answered directly. When Forbidden Fruits asked Anna who paid for her rehab stint at Passages, Anna replied “I have my ways,” and the hosts left it at that.

However, during CHD when Cooper asked what Anna’s response would be when people asked what she did, and how she made her money, Anna replied that people didn’t ask that. Alex was surprised by that response, as any former New Yorker would be, and stated when she lived in New York that’s all people ask, to which Anna did not respond. Anna remained firm that nobody questioned her background and said that she “never asked anybody where they got their money from.”

Alex wanted to address the rumors of why people thought she was a German heiress. Anna claimed that she never told anyone she was a German heiress and never told anyone she was inheriting money. She also added that if people believed she had 40 million dollars, it wouldn’t have been anything to brag about as that is “borderline poor in New York.”

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As for what else the CHD interview revealed:

  • When Alex asked if Anna chose to live in hotels vs. getting an apartment because you'd have to show finances to get an apartment lease, Anna said she just didn’t want to commit to living somewhere as she knew she wasn’t going to be in the same place for one year – especially with her visa.
  • When asked about her legal surname, Sorokin, and her hometown in Germany, Anna said she doesn’t identify with any name, place, or anything specific – “I kinda belong nowhere…but not in a bad way.”
  • According to Anna, she has recently hired new attorneys to fight her deportation case because the previous attorneys “weren’t adequate.” While many thought she had gotten deported earlier this week after news outlets claimed so, she is currently still at the NY detention center hoping to stay in the US.
  • Anna has maintained and massively grown her online presence since being locked up, and says everything posted is from her, but that she doesn't psychically make the posts herself.
  • She also claimed she has a jailhouse assistant who she pays to take care of tasks and chores for her, though in true Delvey fashion, she remains mum on where the money to compensate these people on her payroll is coming from.
  • Anna said she is interested in dating once she is out of jail, that she gets lots of positive fan mail and multiple marriage proposals.
  • She is currently working on a book and a podcast and seems focused on trying to earn back her credibility. “I never like, told any senseless lies… unless they were like, a bank,” she told Alex.
  • Anna is scared that nobody will ever give her another chance and that she will be seen as a fraud or failure for the rest of her life. “I feel like I’m at the mercy of public opinion… that it will always follow me.”
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Both CHD and Forbidden Fruit asked Anna to clarify which parts of the Netflix series and other parts of her life that were published in the press were true and which weren’t. Both hosts asked specifically about the supposed suicide attempt that the series implies was faked. Anna told both pods that a suicide attempt never happened.

Anna also claimed on both pods that she talks to her parents a couple times a week. She told CHD they send her money and books, and when Alex asked Anna about the statement her father made to the press in 2019 that “she has a selfish personality, we can't do anything about it; we raised her well," Anna’s expression shifted and she seemed hurt, but followed up that her father would say that to her face and that he is sarcastic.

The most interesting and pointed question, though, came from Alex on CHD. She asked Anna: “Do you consider yourself a con-artist?"

Anna simply replied “ Absolutely not.” Which, in all likelihood, means we'll be hearing from Anna Delvey again in the future. Perhaps Hulu would buy rights to whatever she does next.

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