All The '90s Boys You Forgot You Lusted Over

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All The '90s Boys You Forgot You Lusted Over

Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Devon Sawa. Justin Timberlake. You never forget your first love, and while some of the cover boys of our Tiger Beat dreams have grown with us into adulthood (so proud of you for finally getting that Oscar, Leo!), there are plenty that we've left in the past, forgotten like a Tamagotchi that needs to be fed.

And now, it's time feed these little beasts and bring them back to life.

Erik von Detten

While at first glance, one could possibly view Erik as the dollar bin version of Devon Sawa, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, they probably both auditioned for a lot of the same roles, but Erik charmed us so well in Brink! and So Weird that by the time he showed up as Anne Hathaway’s love interest in The Princess Diaries, we were in love and very much interested.

Plus, we love a man that can channel his inner bad boy – he was the voice of Sid in Toy Story.

Jaleel White

Listen. You can laugh about Steve Urkel finding a place on this list, but facts are facts: Stefan Urquelle was smoldering hot, a personification of GQ magazine. It's just hard to reminisce of his staggering suaveness when he came in the same package as our favorite walking disaster. Did I do that?

Will Friedle

When it comes to TGIF stars who found their way into the "Husband" column of your MASH games, your mind immediately goes to Rider Strong. But while Shawn Hunter was a boy, Eric Matthews was a man. Kind of.

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