Why did young people in the past look so old

I always talk about how odd it is that people looked so much older when they were young pre…. I guess 90s? Idk I saw a picture of a 26 year old man in the 80s and he looked a hard 40. Was there something like In the water?

Also on TV. Like Jason Alexander was 29 in the first season of Seinfeld. But he legit looked older than Jerry who was 35 at the time.

Also did you know most of the golden girls were only in their 50s and early 60s on the show?

Kelsey grammar was 29 in the first season of cheers.

Red Foxx was only 49 in the first season of Sanford and Sons!!!

I’m so glad that something has evolved and 20 somethings can fully play and look like teens.