The mockumentary trope has to die

I just started Abbott Elementary, and while I'm loving the first few episodes, I was bummed to see that it's a comedy that, once again, uses the mockumentary trope.

I loved mockumentary-style back when it was used in Christopher Guest's movies, and both the UK and US versions of The Office broke serious ground when they brought it to TV. But then, by the time Modern Family used it (why would a documentary crew be following this family that is not really all that modern?), it started to feel a bit stale. And that was all the way back in 2009.

At this point, it just feels a little bit lazy — breaking the fourth wall with your characters makes it easier for audiences to see their true thoughts, yes, but it also lacks nuance. But, mostly, it takes me out of the premise of the show, because all I could ever think is: who is funding this documentary, and who are they making it for?

Am I alone?