Our society favors Late People

Who else here as Early Person Problems?

Since childhood, I have made it a practice to ALWAYS be on time — for every meeting, for every flight, for any sort of event. If it's in my calendar, I will be there, promptly.

Of course, this comes with downsides, since we live in a society that favors Late People. Some of the Early Person Problems I've had to deal with in my life:

-Coming to the meeting on time, only for the meeting lead to insist on waiting for everyone else to arrive before we start.

-Boarding my flight on time, only for the plane to be delayed because we're waiting for a few stragglers.

-Arriving to the restaurant on time, only to have to squeeze myself into a corner of a restaurant while waiting for the rest of my party to arrive, because the restaurant won't do so until everyone is there.

-Arriving to the bar on time, only to have to deal with anxiety of saving seats for my entire friend group who arrive 30 minutes after I do.

-Showing up to the theater on time, only for the show to start 10 minutes late, because we have to wait for all late people to be seated. Oh, and having to try to see over all the late people that are STILL being seated well after the show has started.

Why are we, as a society, endorsing bad behavior and poor etiquette? If you're late, you should be sacrificing all privileges — why am I being punished for following the rules?