HGTV is not the same anymore..

The other day I wanted to get my HGTV fix and I started off by watching two episodes of House Hunters, after that I was extremely disappointed to find out that so much has changed with the network. HGTV no longer has "Property Virgins" or anything close to that. All of my favorites have been replaced with shows about couples trying to save their failing relationship by doing a home renovation show together. *Cough, cough* "Flip or Flop.." And i'll say it with my chest, It is very much a flop!

The only thing that I can say intrigued me was "My Lottery Dream Home" and honestly after 20 minutes I become outraged because I don't play the lottery and it seems a bit unfair. Why would I want to watch lottery winners pick out their dream home??

Maybe I'm a bit salty but I want to get back to small town couples finding their place in the suburbs, or moving to a new city and having a reasonable budget.. I guess what I am trying to say is I want them to produce content that is more relatable to my current situation LOL. Sorry not sorry.