The Opening Credits Of 'Bridgerton' Season 2 Have Some Hidden Clues

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The Opening Credits Of 'Bridgerton' Season 2 Have Some Hidden Clues

Eagle-eyed Bridgerton fans will no doubt notice that the show's romantic opening credits have been given an update in Season 2. Just like last season, the gorgeous sequence is only shown in full once during the opening episode, which makes it all the more likely that fans will miss the Kate and Anthony-themed Easter eggs that have been woven into the new design. Where last season the clues were all about the twists and turns to come for Daphne and Simon, this year the eldest Bridgerton and Miss Kate Sharma take center stage.

Just like last season, a majestic tree is at the center of the credits, and although I can't definitively say it's the tree located on the property of the Bridgerton family's country estate, it certainly appears to be. Some parts of the opening credits have remained unchanged, including Lady Whistledown's delivery boy running across one limb, and two limbs turning into guns (a reference to Anthony and Simon's Season 1 duel that's still fitting thanks to Kate and Anthony getting their flirt on while deer hunting). But a few subtle alterations have been made to signify Daphne handing the leading role baton over to her big brother.

Read on for all of the nods to Kate and Anthony's unconventional courtship that you may have missed.

1.Anthony's Story Is Scrawled On The Trunk

Last season, Daphne's name was front and center on the tree trunk at the start of the credits. This time around the camera focuses in on the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton. It's hard to make out the rest of the scrawl, but it appears the tree is either sporting an excerpt from author Julia Quinn's The Viscount Who Loved Me or a sampling of one of Lady Whistledown's pamphlets (or both).

2. The Pall-Mall Wickets

The Bridgerton family takes their annual pall-mall game very seriously, and in Season 2 it serves as the backdrop for a fierce competition between Anthony and Kate. While they still have a long way to go before they realize they're head over heels for one another, their conniving moves during the game make it clear to the rest of the Bridgertons that Anthony has finally met his match.

3. Edmund's Pocket Watch

Replacing Daphne's dance card is Anthony's pocket watch, which once belonged to his father Edmund. The eldest Bridgerton checks his watch often throughout the season, more as a way to remind him of his familial duties than to keep track of the time.

4. The Dancing Figures

The dancers are a holdover from the original credit sequence, but they seem even more fitting for Anthony and Kate. Yes, Daphne and Simon had their share of sexually charged dances, but Anthony and Kate's unresolved sexual tension absolutely simmers every time they step out on the dance floor together.

5. The Bee

Again, the bee and its hive were included last season, but in Season 2 fans get an explanation for why there are so many bee-centric shots on the show. It was a bee sting that led to Edmund's demise, and another bee is responsible for making Anthony and Kate realize they don't actually hate each other after all.

Bridgerton only shows its full credit sequence once each season, but these clues prove it's the perfect way to catch a sneak peek at what's ahead for each season's new central couple.

Images: Liam Daniel/Netflix

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