This 'Bridgerton' Theory Suggests Lady Whistledown Isn't Working Alone

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This 'Bridgerton' Theory Suggests Lady Whistledown Isn't Working Alone

Warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 1 ahead. Bridgerton may have ended by solving the big Season 1 mystery, but knowing who Lady Whistledown is and how Lady Whistledown does it are two very different things. One popular theory among fans is that she's not working alone. And so, amateur sleuth that I am, I have decided to narrow down the identity of Lady Whistledown's accomplice on Bridgerton. Just call me Eloise Bridgerton.

In the season finale, it was revealed that Penelope was Lady Whistledown, and while it totally makes sense for her to be behind the gossip, it also brings up a ton of questions. As a young lady with no money of her own, how does she finance printing and distributing the scandal sheet? (Remember, only the first scandal sheet was given out for free, the rest appeared to require payment.) And how does she know so much dirt?

In the books, it's revealed that Lady Whistledown got her start thanks to Lord Featherington's lawyer, who happened to see some of Penelope's writing laying around and encouraged her to publish it. So, she wasn't going it alone. When asked by Entertainment Tonight whether or not Pen had an accomplice in the series, actor Nicola Coughlan evaded, saying, "See I know things that I can't say." That makes me think that Penelope most definitely isn't working alone. And these are the people that are number one on my list of Lady Whistledown co-conspirator suspects.

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